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Life Talk!

do you believe in destiny?



are you the owner of your destiny?

maybe someone have a mission for averyone…or things just happens

do you think we have a mission…

01:24 AM Nov 10 2007 |

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sometimes i think.we all need some reason to escape from the cruel reality or the bad thing caused by us.

12:43 PM Nov 10 2007 |

Street boy

Street boy


I think the destiny isn't write. However sometimes have things that seem write already.

It's a mystery…

01:46 PM Nov 10 2007 |



I always try to change my life with my own effort. But sometimes I find it is really very difficult
to do it . But a friend of mine have done it with his trying and pratise . He said to me that life isn’t too long tu lose . Is it because of destiny ?

02:11 PM Nov 10 2007 |



Thanks my friend am glag to hear that from you
destiny is a game every body most play it
weather you like it or not and is for the best status of the life which thousand as played and have ther resuit
no matter how it may be destiny is sure.
thanks your
lawyer joynuel

04:59 PM Nov 11 2007 |