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Life Talk!

Give me a reason




             So many things ,so many people ,have been arranged in the darkness。It  seems as if occured very naturally,however,hidden profound and abstruse principles.

                  A pair of lover,the girl ask the boy:"why do you like me? what do you like me?"The boy don't know how to answer,so ,he say:"it' s the feel ,no other reason."The girl felt depressed of the  answer,finally,she left the boy for no reason.

                   I don't understand why should i live the life as today,and then ,i give a simple reason to myself:just because  lives  are really bored.The people i dislike ask me why i dislike them,i give a much more simple reason:because they are relly disgusting.I have been sick of the life which was full of frustration,people give me a reason, because i am really talentless.

                   Given me a acceptable  reason,i should live a brilliant life.

02:26 PM Nov 10 2007 |

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all i wanna say is this :
the pessimist sees difficulty in every
opportunity and the optimist sees the opportunity
in every difficulty. so try to chose an optimistic way for your life..just do your best !
life is so short don’t waste time..and enjoy it as hard
as you can.

06:19 PM Nov 10 2007 |



Dear TinaX,

Your feelings are perfect,anybody who has sense of humour goes through this phase of life…This is the point from where your journey is going to start towards your inner….all answers given to you will not satisfy you…The real answer comes from within…by experience…

just the word food can't match your hungerness…you really need food to meet your hunger ...

when we become actor in a drama ,we have to care our acting processes…am iI right..am I in right direction..what people are feeling about …what they will say….when we become audience…we just wtch what is happening…we just enjoy the taste of drama…it really makes a difference..don,t expect answers from others ..search ..your own answers ..because questions are yours..good luck

05:02 AM Nov 11 2007 |



Because we were born so we live. I always think that we are lucky Because we are born. The world in colourful. If you are depressing, try to think things in another angle.Life is too short to aruge little things. The biggest challenge will be ahead, we must give us a full dedication.

WIsh you the best of luck!

10:24 AM Nov 11 2007 |



Russian Federation

To the question of lovers…btw, it's at least stupid to ask why the partner likes you. We don't love BECAUSE, we love DESPITE. If it were different love wouldn't exist at all. And btw…it also could be a reason. And really a good reason for everything. Love. The reason why we are here. The aim of our lives. The means by which we carry on.

07:33 PM Nov 11 2007 |