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i dont want to smoke anymore........




i dont want to smoke anymore
while ago(couple months ago) i smoked 1 or two cigarettes a day now the last time its being more and more like 5/6 a day.why i start it with smoking ? i thought i can stop with smoking everytime i want BUT no i cant anymore and i tried som many times and now i cant go outside without cigarettes and i cant come inside without cigarettes and the worst thingis the in last days is that i need atleast 6/5 cigarettes.I tried everything without any result, i put cigarettes in my shoulderbags that i dont use it anymore, i give it to my dad but after couple minutes i change my minds and ask my dad to give it back.

I heard about a laser that help smokers to dont smoke anymore ..did ex-smoker heard about this laser or had this lasertherapy ??

10:27 PM Nov 13 2007 |

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I have smoked for several years since i was 14 years old,during those ages,i was crazy about cigarettes.but now I smok seldom,only for sociality I smok.to give somking up need your backbone by yourself.just try your best to do it,you’ll make it true.

02:13 AM Nov 14 2007 |



Russian Federation

   Well, Aras21, i should tell you i've been fighting with my smoking friends for years. They are already scaredif they see me approaching while they are smoking. )))  Some of them have allready given up. The thing is you will never do this if u don't reak your phycological mania. My dad had been smoked for scores of years when he got into a hospital. Then the doctor told he had to choose – cigarettes or the leg. My dad chose the leg. When i found out my f smoked i said i wouldnever talk to him again if he don't quit (then he wasn't my bf yet). They both stopped and never smoked again. You just need to wish and believe.

09:44 PM Nov 17 2007 |