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Life Talk!

let's talk about hope and hopelessness!


Viet Nam

it's said that "The more hope u have, the more hopelessness u get !"

It's true? Everytimes in our life , we just hope the best things which happen around us, but not everything will occure as we hope, this will make me fell hopless.

People always know exactly to receive the sucess, but Nobody lean how to face with failure -> That is the reason why they fall into hopelessness?

Do u know the best way to over come this?

08:28 AM Nov 21 2007 |

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snow flower


hi:monbeou,can I ask where you are?

I think "the more hope u have,the more hopelessness u get" is not always true in our life,if you could recollect your stories that had happend in pass,you will find you had been possessed many interesting minutes and other happy things.I believe everyong have good hope,everyone will get well future,but you must be able to learn waiting.

09:02 AM Nov 21 2007 |