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Teacher's Day in your country



Viet Nam

In my country, Teacher'sDay is November 20th. It's the day in order to honor pedagogues. In this day, students can express their gratefulness to their teachers. What do you think about this day? Is there a similar day in your country? If yes, when ?

10:46 AM Nov 22 2007 |

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Christmas Island

In my country ,Teachers's day is on September 10. Usually, teachers will have a day off the work. But some teacher still have to work. And in this day , some students will send gifts to thier teacher to show thier appreciation.

01:04 PM Nov 22 2007 |



In  China ,Teacher'sDay is on September 10th .In there, our teachers  who have one  day off the work .I think that  the way  can  make teacher relax.Because we feel our teacher so tie .So  we love them.

01:20 PM Nov 22 2007 |



Viet Nam

Thank for your reply.  Perhaps, there isn't a such day in European because I don't see any answer form European's friends

05:11 PM Nov 23 2007 |




here in Chile it was on august or september, i think.. But I'm not really sure.. I always knew it was the teacher's day because someone told me or we had permission to leave  school earlier :P

05:25 PM Nov 23 2007 |




We don't have a teacher's day, we have only hundred's of days in who the students can stress the teacher.

In fact, days in who the students will send gifts to teacher to show their appreciation is the first day of school (15 sept.) and the Mother's Day (8 March).

05:32 PM Nov 23 2007 |

silence beach



The Teacher's Day in Turkey is 24th November

I celebrate all teachers' teachers day maybe the dates are different but we share the same sky….


03:25 PM Sep 08 2008 |