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about sexs



i'm from Eastern country, most of us do sex when get married and we often feel shy when talk about it,but i see in Eastern country it is easy to do sex, i don't know why there is  a difference between contries, and i want to know your opinion

04:54 PM Nov 23 2007 |

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Here at least we're more open about the topic but  not TOO open.. I mean, you can ask your parents about sex, or talk about it with your close friends, make double-sense jokes, but it's not like you can scream in the street "SEX IS WONDERFUL" hahaha.. Anyways, not many people wait until marriage to have sex, and it's considered strange to do so. Anyways, sexual life isn't now just for adults, there are many girls and boys that lose their virginity between 13 and 17 years old, while the most common thing is to do it on your late teens or early adult life.


P.S: I'm a virgin 

05:10 PM Nov 23 2007 |



friens,I don't feel any hard & fast rule about sex….every person  hides his raelty….sex is such taboo….we condemn it before others  & just if find an chance  we just change…just  we need a little security ….we can't separate sex from life….all religions…all societies…all moralists have tried their best to condemn it….to kill it but it isSUCH A EXISTENETIAL POWER THAT NOTHIG CAN STOP IT FROM HAPPENING…we just don't accept it,just because to look social.

I agree with Komodia,she has the gutts to talk about.

An joke…In indiathere is an sweet type itemis very common…we call it 'gurh'...it's very sweet,as one sees it he wants to eat it…

Once 'gurh' decided to complain God that no body takes pity upon him..as one sees me he take a little of me & put in his mouth…as he was saying…he saw GOD'S hand coming towards ….& GOD asked just ran away otherwise I also want to eat you…

It is such a 'gurh'.....just a little curtain is needed…& human becomes different from what he had said.

05:23 PM Nov 23 2007 |




It's the same situation in our country like in your country, Komodia. Everyone can make he's / she's one choice but you should not talk to much about it. Of course, you can talk but only with your clouse friends. 

05:40 PM Nov 23 2007 |




See the words of Deniron is feeling hurted as he is also a Kambodian that girl of his country is peaking openly upon sex ,what the other nationals will think…?

05:57 PM Nov 23 2007 |



I agree with Komodia too. in Eastern countires, it is about religion. people in those countries care about the religion and opinions of others. but in westren countries people lose their virginity, just because of they wanna have fun and sometimes they don´t mind about implications. but very often it is just because of real love, lol. sex is not so big taboo like before ages. maybe because of losing religion and press and tv influence

06:41 PM Nov 23 2007 |




Why can't we dicuss all these things openly,THERE IS SAME MACHINERY UNDER EVERY BONNET,i.e.the mechnism of everybody is similer,we have similer problems ,similer feelings ….what are the hurdles….just by consultations…we are not doing sex here…why….why…we we can't discuss..

I feel some people even dislike the word 'sex'.

03:02 AM Nov 24 2007 |

rock he


i am shy,but,however,i want to talk about it!

03:26 AM Nov 24 2007 |



Maybe is the culture makes us feel strange or embarrassed when we tallk about sex, I mean, we are under the education that teachers and parents always tell us something is right or something is wrong, so when we gradually grow up, our thought is affected by the surroundings, it's hard to ask someone when he or she in that surroundings to talk about this topic. That's all  my opinion.Sealed

04:23 AM Nov 24 2007 |



yah, so i can solve my problem, thanks very much, i can talk with my friend easily, but not with my parents….......

03:58 PM Nov 26 2007 |




man-woman sex is not a taboo here. non-heterosexual sex still is

04:04 AM Sep 05 2011 |