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The Descrption of The Prophet

stand by me

Saudi Arabia

Hind the daughter of Abu Haalah at-Tamimi, with whom Allah is pleased, described the prophet of Allah with the following description: The messenger of Allah was a sensational man, who was honored by all who saw him. His face glowed like the full moon. He was of moderate height, not too tall and not too short .he had a large head and his hair was wavy .he would part his hair if it got long, otherwise ,his hair didn`t exceed the lobes of his ears under normal circumstances. He was a healthy pink . his forehead was wide . his eyebrows were naturally groomed, and were not joined .there was a vein between his eyebrows that swelled in case of anger. His nose was straight and had a special glow .the bridge of his nose was slightly high. He had a thick beard with soft cheeks. His mouth was large .he had moustaches. His teeth has gaps in between. His neck was pretty like that of a doll, and it was silvery white. He was moderately built and very strong . his belly and chest were on the same level. His chest and shoulders were wide. His body joints were big. His skin was white , he had hair from the end of his breastbone to his navel. There was no hair on his breasts, but his arms and shoulders were hairy, his forearms were large and palms were wide. Both his hands and feet were short, and his fingers were of moderate length. His feet were flat and smooth, due to the smoothness of his feet water would not settle on them . he walked in strides and in a graceful manner, he would lift his feet, and not drag them. Whenever he turned he would turn with his entire body (as opposed to turning his neck and head only ) He lowered his gaze at all times. He looked down to earth more often than he looked up staring at things) He offered the greetings to others before they offered it to him . sal`lal`laahu a`laihi wa sallam

05:31 PM Nov 23 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

This is a fascinating description to a rather much fascinating person.

I almost pictured him in front of me, 3alihi afthal al9alato wa altasleem.

All thanks to your effort and your pure heart, may allah be with you and blessing you all the time. Smile

03:49 PM Dec 26 2008 |




thanks stand

02:37 PM Dec 27 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

Here is a well made site:



Another site,



 And a site for further description of his great self:



Thanks Stand-By-me for posting this Topic Laughing

04:41 PM Jan 18 2009 |




i wish that we'll neet him oneday.thanks a lot.even i know this description,i 'm happy to read it in english.

05:04 PM Jan 18 2009 |