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do you wear a uniform for school?



there is some schools make thier students to wear a uniform  ! , in my school we have to wear a uniform it's a blus shirt with a jeans so all the boys and the girls in my school look almost the same !! i just read an article about uniforms and it said the some palces demand thier students to wear a uniform to make them equal … but anyways i hate uniforms i like to wear whatever i want in school .. but i can't

soo in winter it's soo cold and we can't just wear a blue shirt so they allow us to wear what ever we want and i LOVE winter XD bcuz if this

so do you have a uniform in your school ?!!

03:02 PM Nov 25 2007 |

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Viet Nam

In my country, in junior school, junior high school and senior high school, we wear uniform. Each school has different uniform. However, in the university, we can wear what we like.

04:55 PM Nov 27 2007 |



Serbia and Montenegro

HAHA we don`t wear them… But I think it`d be interesting.

07:29 PM Nov 27 2007 |