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How can I improve my oral english?



hi,everyone.I'm from china.I work with many foreigners,although I can speck enlgihs, I think it isn't fluent and basical.How can I improve to advanced level?

06:42 AM Jun 30 2006 |

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I think the best way to improve our oral English is to practice every day. We can do it by phone or personelly. Would anybody like to try?

my phone number: 00 55 11 8204-5270




10:56 PM Jun 30 2006 |



yes,everyday i talk with foreigner.in leisure time,i listen oral english.

02:16 AM Jul 03 2006 |



Hello I'm Yvette I'm from Italy and I'd like to practise my English

It would be good for me to receive mails from other people who is interested in improving this language

So "see" you soon Y

01:56 PM Sep 13 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


I think reading more books, writting down the phrases and sentences sounding good to you and reciting what you have written down is a  good way to improve English. 

Doing some translation exercise.Compare your tranlation with the reference and then you will find the gap between you and the native speakers.

Speak to youself. Just pick up a topic and imagine you are speaking with someone. Never mind others mocking you are crazy.

Or just join in some english forums and take part in the discussion and express youself. Don't worry excessively about your opinion ridiculos or outstanding. In fact these places are just oulets for you to practise English.

English study is a job which is measured in years instead of weeks or months, so don't expect you can improve your english in a short term.

But whatever, good luck.

P.S. Do remember to listen to English EVERY DAY.

02:24 PM Sep 13 2007 |



me too i'm interested to improve my english  this is my e-mail if u want contact me i'll wait your add : farahitta   _   sweet   _   girl     @    hotmail     .   com

11:31 AM Sep 15 2007 |




the best way to improve ur oral english

to listen of english songs and know the lyrics and repeat it without listen to the song

or to talk with urself  im not jocking i did that  before

03:40 PM Sep 15 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


If you know written English in a high level.

You have to improve two other skills :

1. listening to the native speakers.

2. Talking with them.


03:32 PM May 29 2012 |