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Life Talk!

what is the most important thing in your Life??

coolest ^_*

United Arab Emirates

helloooooooo every body how are you ? hope you feel very well Laughing first at all  I would like to know your opinion  be honest ok ?Smile

I've a question and some of answers
I want u think a bout the truest answer
the question is : what is the most important thing in your Life??

is it
1-just to be happy .
2-being in a great relationship
3-having a great job or owning a great car or house

"it is an idea that will help me 2 know how do you think "

please, choose the answer which you think is the truest answer

alot of thanks Wink

08:05 AM Nov 28 2007 |

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ya thats right people have to be happy, but for the happy we needed some relation , so im going to choose most important thing is relationship in our life,

because if you have good relation with ather, then you will be always happy,

if you dont have relation with ather , then how you will be happy?

how do you people think about it?

05:24 PM Jul 04 2010 |




yes you are right


05:26 PM Jul 04 2010 |






05:42 PM Jul 04 2010 |




Kiss being a good relationship is most impotand for people life

06:44 PM Jul 17 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi every body with recpect to all idea i think the most important thing for every boy is healhy durin the last year i was sick and really find that healthy is very valuable

01:57 PM Oct 25 2013 |