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My birthday




               December  one  was my  birthday,thant is yesterday, i think it's really bad for me! I couldn't muster much enthusiasm for it.

                Why do i say this?Because things annoy me so much.That was late in the night ,but i still awoke,then the sound of ding in the late-night  reminded  me that i was 22 years old.Date showed in the mobile phone was December 1,2007,i heared of that i was born in the day 22 years ago.In a frigid night of 22 years ago , i had  lip-deep to descent  in the world, similarly,since a frigid night of 22 years ,i looked out upon the darkness and pondering…...

                  i awoke at the all night and have been listening the wind bluster outside the window,several colour straps ahead of the window  flap licentious, as though the  fantom was prying the people who  slept deeply.About this birthday night,i felt specially cold,and the feeling compelled me to think deeply:natal day,is too heaviness,if remember for jubilation,so feel delight for which you can live in the world,people don't understand , when they jubilate,there should be contain the meaning of sacrifice.Maybe my thought have a little extreme。What birthday should be,i don't know ,i never have a birthday ,and nobody ever  remind of  it.

                  Actually ,in the22 years ,i only know  my birthday for one year,that was because when  i filled in the form of case history ,i found my birthday date was the same as the doctor's sign.i  couldn't remember by myself ,how could remember by others,in fact ,nobody asked my birthday,even if my friends. I felt so ruth, the base things for a person ,but ,i have nothing. I born in 80 time,the generation is  animadverting serious,they are the deputy of the decadence,corruption,frailness and so on,their ation had aroused the  people'panic.i happened to be of the generation,so i became the deputy of those popular nouns about decadence,corruption,frailness and so on.  In this clear-headed night,i open my eyes to see the desolation,people's blessing is so sham ,those oblivious days are necessary.

                 In this heavy night ,i began to bewail again,December one ,the day which is called as birthday,a apolaustic daytime and a bleak night ,had  transmigrated by  ones and twos for 22 years,however,it should be continue to transmigrate dismal…...

05:37 AM Dec 02 2007 |