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There are many ways to learn English!!



Saudi Arabia

As you know there are many ways to learn English, one of them is listening.  Listening is a very important skill and it helps you to improve your language. So how can I use this skill even I don’t have any body speak English?! I think that song is very useful to improve your listening skill but to make it more useful you should read the lyrics with the singer ….anyway, this is my opinion. I really want to see your opinions and suggestions. By the way, I look for a songs website that has Lyrics with song?? I mean you can listen to song and read its lyric in the same time…..  My best regards Cool  


11:53 AM Jul 15 2006 |

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yeah !! it is very gooooood suggestion .. and i listen to songs and its lyrics daily … and i have additional opinion  Cool...

we can also improve our english language by speaking for ourself .. hahaha .. yes .. it is very good method to not be shy when you talk ..  Laughing

and we can listen to any english station in radio every day .

 thanks for you bakir ,,, it is really good topic

 your freind,,

moataz Wink

06:21 PM Jul 15 2006 |




Bakir I totaly agree with you

listening is the best way to improve our english

thanks for this great topic

09:12 PM Jul 18 2006 |




Watching movies, listening to English radios, visiting englishbaby.com on daily base, chatting with english native speakers and writting emails with your friends…that's what I have been doing…

09:22 AM Jul 19 2006 |



Saudi Arabia

Thanks for your comments & suggestions….Yes you are right sherryleio all skill of

English language is very important vocabulary , writing, listening, etc…. but when

someone want to learn any language I think the first thing he sould to care about

it is listening to improve the ability of speaking…...Wink that's it… thanks agian and

see you soon…



05:13 AM Jul 23 2006 |