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Life Talk!

New working environment


Hong Kong

As a trainee, I transfered to a new working location. But I don't think people here is the same as before. I am just missing the passing days with privious colleagues.

02:22 AM Dec 06 2007 |

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Hong Kong

I just want to know how to control tomorrow/

07:03 AM Dec 06 2007 |



congretulation,you can transfer to a new place,i want to do this as you very long time ,but i hadn’t meet a chance.it is boring that people stay one place too long time.

07:41 AM Dec 06 2007 |




soon,I will have this chance.Because I will graduate soon,and then,I will to go to work.Long time age,I  have been working on my fantasy.now It can be achieved soon. So excitement.

09:35 AM Dec 06 2007 |