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how do you think about a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend?



i had a foreign boyfriend before.i don't know how to discribe our love. that's pure and finished quickly. everything was perfect.even we are apart.

02:42 AM Dec 07 2007 |

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09:24 AM Dec 08 2007 |


United States

In my experience, the positive and negative responses seem to be equal. While there are many people that say, "Oh, you must be so strong!" or "That's so romantic!", there are just as many more who say, "Those things don't work," or even ruder remarks that I don't care to repeat. One time I went to the post office to send my boyfriend a gift, and the man at the post office told me, "What? What's wrong with U.S. boys?" It's not like I purposely CHOSE to have a boyfriend from another country, but if I fell in love with him, then what can I do? Some people just don't understand.

05:05 PM Dec 08 2007 |

quo vadis

quo vadis

Bosnia and Herzegovina

My long-distance relationship will be finished with a commitment.Im sure.


07:14 PM Dec 08 2007 |

Green Alice

Russian Federation

Long distance relationship is a torture for both parties…

As for "normal" relationship, nation plays no role. But very often magnetism between people of different nations is strong, because they find in each other traits (and mysteries) which they lack in their compatriots. It is like…. a glass of water in a desert.

10:48 PM Dec 09 2007 |



long-distance love is not easy! but i think if you love eachother! long-distance is not  problem. because you become lover .you must have common habits!

06:26 AM Dec 10 2007 |



wow !

its a interesting true love stroy for thos guys who hav foriegn boyfriend. both r in love it necessary to beleive on each other in love after they will success.

06:59 AM Dec 10 2007 |




I had foreign bf, we have been together for two years, we love each other very much, we always think we made for each other, but he still gone, back to his country, living with his parents~ I am the one made mistake, he is the one can't let it go, so we are finished~~but I still miss himjust he don't know that~~~I hope I can find my love again, start again, don't want live in his memory anymore~~~I hate the people want to find a foreign bf\gf for prove their language~~love is love~

07:00 AM Dec 10 2007 |




Committing on a online relationship is tough one…You always feel the longing, missing and urging to meet each other in person..but i had a bad experience on my first online boyfriend.. maybe not all ends to be happy, for some I envy them.. I just learn some points on how to handle it next time I'll find a guy in a net. 1. Control emotion 2. don't expect too much 3. take it easy. I've learned from boo-boo and i don't want to experienced it again. I'm saying all those things..because..gosh..the man made me fall for him, and thats what I hate..i let myself fall..actually its far more missing than my present bf that I always see and beside me…Cry

12:38 PM Dec 10 2007 |



Russian Federation

My husband and me are from different countries, different cultures and even different religions but we feel like we have one soul and we understand each other more than sometimes people with who we have same native language and culture. Thanks Goodness, now we live in one country.

12:40 PM Dec 10 2007 |



i am a chinese girl ,once i thought to make  a foreign boyfriend ,but  now i think  long distance is a problem  ,i am scared of loneliness,i hope there are many friends around me .so a near boyfriend is suit to me .Smilebut i hope i can make more foreign friends here ,we can send email to each other for our friendship.my mail  box is  rassy2007(at)yahoo.com.cn and my skype is   vicky.yangxujie.hope more foreignfriends join me .Tongue out

07:38 AM Dec 12 2007 |