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Movie Madness!

Your list of the greatest VILLAINS. Negative heroes!!!=)




Your list of the greatest VILLAINS. Negative heroes!!!=)
I have an idea… Why don’t we compile own list of the best NEGATIVE HEROES in cinematographic history? =)
So I’ll start:
1) Joaquin Phoenix (GLADIATOR, young emperor)
2) Gary Oldman (LEON, policeman) Wait! Zorg from “The 5th element” and …Dracula
3) Al Pacino (DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, devil). Maybe Tony Montana from “Scarface”
4) Jack Nicholson (WITCHES OF EASTWICK, the most charming devil in history=) )
5) Anthony Hopkins (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, HANNIBAL, RED DRAGON) No comments!
6) Hugo Weaving (MATRIX, agent Smith)
7) Ralph Fiennes (HARRY POTTER, Lord Voldemort) hahaha

12:07 PM Dec 15 2007 |

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go on ! my heros

12:22 PM Dec 15 2007 |



CryIt's too difficult to remeber their names,though I've watched thousands of movies. Because all the subtitles are Chinese,and most of the movies I watched, I don't know it's English name.

08:25 AM Dec 22 2007 |

Luthien Tinuviel


I liked Lucius Malfoy (sorry, don`t know the actor`s name) in Harry Potter, especially in part 7.

04:15 AM Dec 27 2007 |


Viet Nam

How about Mr Severus Snape – Alan Rickman? He is both real VILLAIN and real HERO. Love him in HP 5 film.

06:47 AM Jan 10 2008 |