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Movie Madness!

which movie did you make cry ?



in my case it was movie called "pay it forward" it was brilliant movie full of brilliant actors 

and what about you ?  open your mind ….

05:47 PM Jan 18 2008 |

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uuuuuf that is bad you have to see the last castle.. really good film and the end (I will not tell you – you have to watch it )

f*uck  I have got it in my laptop but somebody told me that this movie is shit so I deleted it ….. 

07:28 PM Jan 23 2008 |



no I haven't :((( sh*t but I read the review about it and it looks great ….

so what should I suggest to you hmmm what about "seven", or "salem's lot" or "peaceful warrior" or "sphere"  .....

08:10 PM Jan 23 2008 |



no I haven't seen it :((( ( f*ck so many films I haven't seen it really makes me angry )

and yeeees I wanted to wrote "american beauty" so goood no comment on this

ok about "peaceful warrior" it is story about talented sportsman who dreams about olympic games. you know he is really good he has girls, good motorbike and lots of trophy but everything will change when he will have an accident and doctors tell him that he will never do sport… so his dream will broke …. but he will meet a strange man who will help him and …... ( I won't tell you more I don't want to break feeling from this movie  so you have to watch it) 

p.s you will not regret ….

08:45 PM Jan 23 2008 |



you welcome 

hmmm and what will change so I just tell you that this young boy will find the equilibrium of his mind and body ….....;-)

uuuuu city of angels I remember that I've seen it but I didn't remember (you know 1998 hmmm a long time ago ) ... but the others I don't know

listen I've got one more movie …. have you seen "remember the titans" ?

you know I like the movies about friendships 

09:44 PM Jan 23 2008 |



ok I'm looking forward to see this movie you recommend me

hmmm equilibrium …yeah good film, the idea impress me. you know life without feeling… it could be interesting you know no love no happiness  no  sadness  ....

about remember the titans….. denzel washington is a football  couch and he will have a big  job he have to make a perfect football team with white and black boys…. it is really cool cause this movie is setting it the past I don't remember what date …but you definitely have to watch it … it is my 2nd best movie …..... by the way it is based on true events ( I love films based on true events ) 

p.s. and have you seen click ( with adam sandler )

p.s.s. yes I heard about death of this actor too :(  f*cking drugs !!!!


08:22 AM Jan 24 2008 |



the moth man … it is with richard gere ? .... but I haven't seen it :-((( but if it is what I think it could be cool film … 

hmm I liked click I like adam sandler… and about click I liked the scene when he run in the rain and he call to his wife but nobody hear him… then he fall on the ground and he think that he die alone …

and I've got one more  have you seen little miss sunshine … you know it was a comedy but one scene in this film has make me sad (really my eyes wasn't dry…) 

09:52 AM Jan 24 2008 |



yees I have seen duplex the funniest part for me was when the old lady throw stiller's laptop into fire this made me smile so much that my mom came to my room and asking me if I made crazy myself …. it was really fun ;-) .....and the end was really unexpected (don't believe everything you see) 

p.s. my brother said the same the book was better (the same he told about the shining) you know king is brother's best writer and he want to see every film based on king's book to compare the movie and the book 

10:41 AM Jan 24 2008 |



ok I will ask my brothers if he know him…. 

I've seen only shining with jack ;-) I don't even know that the second interpretation exists .hmmmm

"All the world is afraid of reading King, but King in his turn is afraid of reading Koontz " 

:DDDD lol…  my brother tell me the same sentence… isn't it in any king's book ? 

p.s. and have you seen "needful things" ? 

p.s.s hmmm yes I've watch memento …very strange movie I had to watch it again to understand…. so strange movie I didn't see the similar movie … and the 2nd I haven't seen… it i good ? what is about ?  or is it this movie about fireman and about radio? 


11:17 AM Jan 24 2008 |



uuuuuuh I've read the review 'bout all movies you wrote… and I think I've watch the virgin suicides but I'm not sure f*ck …. but the others I didn't watch …. but all looks interesting ( I'm looking forward to end of exams …. I neeed freeee time :D ) 

11:42 AM Jan 24 2008 |



no sorry they are on the page www.csfd.cz but this page is writing by czech :(( ... but you can almost every movie find on the google or wikipedia don't you ?

p.s. what is your best actor ? 

12:28 PM Jan 24 2008 |