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a stupid story needs a your stupid answer



a stupid guy in a stupid world came to a stupid place for meeting a stupid girl… the stupid guy fell in stupid love with the stupid girl, but the stupid girl had only stupid impression on the stupid guy and she wanted to reject his stupid love…however, the stupid guy made a stupid resolution to continue this stupid love with the stupid girl…then, the stupid guy gave a stupid kiss to the stupid girl…

surprisingly, the stupid girl cried out and called her stupid brother to give a stupid lesson to the stupid guy, so, the stupid girl's stupid brother gave a stupid punch to the stupid guy, but the stupid brother was stupider than the stupid guy because the stupid brother didnt know how to beat a stupid man. after that, the stupid guy called his stupid father to take a stupid revenge to the stupid girl's stupid brother, but the stupid guy's stupid father was stupidier than the stupid girl's stupid brother…

who was the stupid winner in the stupid fighting? can u give me your stupid answer?

10:50 PM Feb 19 2008 |

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The stupid writer of this stupid story is really not stupid bcos he somehow won by making me read this stupid story till the stupid end and by making me think for the stupid answer.

03:35 AM Feb 20 2008 |




wow, at the end of the article, only “stupid” left like many bees flying in front of my eyes.
Srinivaskm is right, he said in a clever and funny way.But i don’t want to think about who will be the stupidest person. Maybe only God and you know the answer

09:33 AM Feb 20 2008 |