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Movie Madness!

the most strange, crazy and unpredictible movie I have ever seen........!!!!!




"mulleholand drive" have you seen it?  it's amazingLaughing

03:58 PM Oct 19 2006 |

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johnSuper Member!

United States

I really liked Mulholland Drive.  It was one of those movies that sticks in your head for a long, long time as you try to figure out what happened.  I'd like to see it again for sure.

Have you ever been to Mulholland Drive?  It's a road close to Hollywood and has a great view of Los Angeles.

12:12 AM Oct 25 2006 |




I don't know, maybe I'm not too ceawer or something, but I have watched this film twice and I have no idea what is going on there, it's really freeky :) and when film ended I was really surprised cause nothing was explained but that kind of film I like , films that make me think about them for at least few days :)

I have never been to MH. I hope that somr day I'll have such an opportunity…....

take care Smile

03:21 PM Oct 25 2006 |




excuse me,i dont know about the film and even havent heard of it. but yr chat attracts me a lot. could u please introduce the film for who havnt know about the film, like me? thx a lot

08:51 AM Nov 01 2006 |



Czech Republic

I like a movie where you have to think about its story. But Mulholland Drive is movie which has not any punch line and it is very difficult for understanding.

12:02 AM Nov 19 2006 |




 I searched the movie in my place, but no one knows this. If any one is having this movie send it to me. I am from india.

12:48 PM Dec 01 2006 |


United States

Is this Steve Mc Queen movie?  I haven't seen the movie but  heard that this  movie famously for car racing. 

 I've been driving in Mlholland drive from PCH to Hollywood and it is a wonderful drive.  gotta see the movie later 

06:28 PM Jan 15 2007 |



once i saw the maldicion it was a chinese monie really i didnt like it

05:32 PM Jan 27 2007 |