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Movie Madness!

what was the most horrible movie that u've ever seen so far?


Turks and Caicos Islands

it was terrible turkish film!!

'keloğlan kara prense karşı'

u probably don't know it but it was horrible…

and 'the lost city' was stupid:P

01:34 PM Apr 10 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

hi ^^

the worst movie i've even seen was

 ( try seventeen ) ..

and we saw it in the cinema too =PpP

it was really boring .. no story no nothing !

we was excited because of the actors !

we even thought of leaving the movie before

 it ends .. lol =D

thanks alot (flawless_and_arrogant ) ^^

12:58 PM Apr 11 2008 |


Turks and Caicos Islands

u r welcome!:D

and what was try seventeen about?i've not seen yet and i don't thinnk that i'm gonna watch it!:D

but it sounds good actually:S

01:26 PM Apr 11 2008 |



In this 2008 "Jumper" definitely!!

The only interesting thing in that movie is the fx… ah! And the popcorn!!!

30 minutes after the movie started made me felt asleep (but I saw it complete). The most stupid history (it has a history?? ask me one of my friends) I have seen at the movies.

06:38 PM May 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

yeaaah me too (jumper) it was really booring we left  the room before ir endsFrown  and immm( Marry Antwanit) god it was boring  boring but near from reality Innocent 

06:03 AM May 21 2008 |



Yes!!! I want to go out, but sometimes some movies goes from less to more and I was expecting that about "Jumper".

I don´t know what I didn´t listen to my friends, hahahaha!

And what about AVP2 (Alien versus Depredator 2)??? I know, I have no idea why I went to see it, if AVP1 didn´t like me.

03:40 PM May 21 2008 |




I watched Alien v/s Predator and it was freaking stupid. I know it would be one but I never thought "that one". Then I watched the second part and …yeah..it is the horrible movie ever…Come on¡¡ how a normal person could shoot a predator weapon that easily…all the humans there did nothing and Ripley Killed more than them and Dutch strike one predator almost dying. The worst for me…Alien v/s Predator 2.

01:58 AM Jun 21 2008 |

Secretary of state

Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone…

the most horrible movie that I've ever seen is (TITANIC)

Certainly I know that everybody know it. 

So, no comment about that.

02:47 AM Jun 21 2008 |




 I think the most horrible movie I've ever seen is Hostile. I went there with my girlfriend thinking it was an action movie we soon found out it wasn't. It was a horror movie, and a really gore one. It started out quite nicely till the main character was held hostage in a torture factory. It was the first movie that actually made me feel sick. I couldn't watch some parts and I'm used to quite a lot. My girlfriend didn't see a single scene, because she held her eyes closed almost the whole time. This movie certainly wasn't boring.

Another movie I saw actually was. It has been a long time since I've seen it, but maybe some of you will remember. 'Dude, where's my car', with Ashton Kutcher. This movie, if you can even call it that, was so boring. I'm glad Ashton turned out to be a better actor then that.

Another worthless movie is the movie House of Wax, another Horror movie. As you can guess I'm not a big fan of this genre. I don't get why people pay to be disgusted and frightened.

I prefer watching comedy, this makes you laugh and feel good. Just like the genre Action. To name a couple of good movie's: Bruce Almighty, I robot, I am Legend and the sequence of Fast and the Furious. I also like The lord of the rings movies, and the Matrix Trilogy.

I love a wide range of movies but there are a couple of standards that they have to meet are: a decent storyline, good acting and nice surroundings. It should also have nice special effects, or none of them at all.

This is my opinion, please let me read yours.




05:06 PM Jun 23 2008 |



Koen: Hahahaha! I can see that you don´t like the horror genre, but "Hostal" is not gory as the publicity said us… but, it wasn´t a great movie, I know.

An about "House of wax" give it a credit, don´t you enjoy the death of Paris Hilton at screen, at least fictionally?? Hahahahaha! Kind of guilty pleasure, hahaha! I mean, I can´t stand see her at the movies!!!

You write about Evan Almighty, what about its sequel with Steve Carell?? Terrible!!!!!!! I enjoy Jim Carrey, but I can´t say the same of the second part!!!

Second parts are not as good as the first ones!!

06:56 PM Jun 23 2008 |

kelly bryan



the most horrible movie that i watched was a nigerian movie it deals with wee and they way of killing people

the first time i wacthed it i could not sleep i was thinking about wee . i liked the  movie because it was in english

09:57 PM Jun 23 2008 |