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Movie Madness!





Im a fanatic of gilmore girls since the first time I saw them. In Spain they are not very popular thats why i would like to find someone in order to talk about this fantastic tv serial and to meet new friends.

bye, answer me !!!!Laughing

12:48 PM Jun 30 2008 |

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i see it ever week. here in brazil, we r seeing the girlmore girl  open the new hotel.

02:56 PM Aug 10 2008 |




hi! i have seen all the seasons and i have to say that it is a pleasure to find someone who is interested on them. i would like to talk to you if you want of course. so contact to me at this adress

bye, take care!

05:06 PM Aug 10 2008 |




 i see it every day but since the olypic i can only see the first season once a weekCry

11:39 PM Aug 16 2008 |



this drama is amazing,i've seen the whole seven seasons,and the story is lovely,every role is attravtiveTongue outit's cool to know people from different places also like it!!

03:38 AM Aug 21 2008 |




Hi! I'm Katherine, from Colombia… nice meeting you…how's it going?

I saw your message about the gilmore girls… i don't know when you wrote it but let me tell you that i am a huge fan of the show!! I love GG and everything that has to do with them… actually since I first watched the show I became fan of Lauren Graham she's like the best actress in the world and very talented.. and I love the chemestry she has on screen with his co-worker  Scott Patterson..I mean they look so cute dont they? anyway..I'd love to chat with you and share what I've got about the show and stuff ..is this crazy interesting fan-fic that is called "Back to reality" it's great to read …well write me soon 

see u then :) take care

04:20 AM Apr 05 2010 |

Gipsy Girl

Gipsy Girl


Hello…thanks for this forum…here, in Mexico, GILMORE GIRLS finished last year and I watched all seasons since it started…8 years ago…I grow up with GG.

And It won´t bother me watch it again….


09:09 PM Apr 15 2010 |

Gipsy Girl

Gipsy Girl


sorry…greetings ELYSS_RORY from Mexico….

09:12 PM Apr 15 2010 |