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After their father charmingly runs off with the family fortune and a man called Brian, Ben and Jenny move from Manhattan to a flyspeck town in New England with their mother, Susanne. The town is characterised by three things: a history of witchcraft and religious slaughter, a slew of missing children, and a population of freakish teens.
 Local legend has it that Nathaniel Butcher, a fervid puritan, cleansed the town of witches in the eighteenth century, in a frenzied orgy of killing, murdering all the women and children. He then moved his family into the old house. One night, he gathered the twelve Puritan leaders of the community for a meeting, and they were never seen again. The story goes that whoever moves into the old house loses their children, who are never seen again.

01:31 AM Aug 19 2008 |