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Movie Madness!

The O.C


Saudi Arabia

Hello friends.Have you seen the series o.c . I saw only season 1 & 2.I really sympathize with Ryan and  I hate Merica's passive attitude. I don't know what will hapen to Seith in the 3rd season. But i really like the series.

What do u think

11:23 PM Feb 22 2007 |

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god i love Seith, bend over~!! and his dad,whas his name?...i wanna say Sandy? wondering if i'v ever seen such a cool family in real life. i don't like Marissa ethier, she 's temper's horrible,and the acting skill^ oh my ….

i like Anna best ,seith 's first girlfriend, i love the way she shake her neck and her eyes ,like a baby deer, seith is a idiot to let her go – -. 

i 've just finish watching season 1,  i'll see the after series surely, but i heard it has already been shut down this february, is it ?

06:47 AM Mar 04 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi nicky. So you agree with me about Marissa.I like Anna also and i really agree with you abou the family .Their relationship is so owesome. Sandy is a great father.I like the way he treat Ryan.Season 2 is great. Alot of comlecated events will happen .Don't miss it.

07:11 PM Mar 04 2007 |