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Movie Madness!

tv series




i know, this forum is called “movie madness”, but TV series are also on televison. so tell me all the TV series you like or even dislike.
well, i like: gilmore girls, the simpsons, monk, desperate housewives, grey´s anatomy, E.R., smalleville, malcolm in the middle, reba, king of queens, the fresh prince of bel-air, veronica mars, according to jim, ...
maybe i forgot some, but that doesn´t matter.
now it´s your turn!
kiss to all! ;)

04:47 PM Feb 26 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

Hi . yeah i agree with you it's series madness nowadays .i really enjoyed watching desperate housewives, lost, prison break, the o.c, 24 but i didn't see the rest of ER after George Clooney left because i like him.

i'm looking now for a new series to start download. Which one you mention is the best ?


06:59 PM Feb 26 2007 |

for _nika

Russian Federation


I like TV series very much, but sometimes they are bored. i like series about real life, and everyday problems.i worked a lot, so last days I could watch series. i feel happy  be sitting in the arm-chair covered my arms with blanket and watching tv.


11:19 AM Feb 27 2007 |




@ carelesswhisper
well, i like the “gilmore girls” best. i just love it, but there are also some people who think it is supid. it is about a woman, called lorelai, who got a daugther when she was 16, called rory (nickname of lorelai). she run away from her parents, who are rich, into a small town, called stars hollow, and lives there with her daughter. it is about there life, which is hard sometimes but also funny. their dialogs are just marvellous. i think if you liked the o.c. and desperate housewives, you will like gilmore girls too.
the best thing you can do, if you want to start to download a new tv series, is to search after some informations about some tv series in the internet.
ok, so kiss and bye ;)

12:42 PM Feb 27 2007 |




Hello everybody….

I like a lot Gilmore girls and I agree with Lil Kate about the dialogues wich are really very good…

Nowadays, I´m crazy for LOST… When I´m watching it I just can´t take my eyes of the television…

03:46 PM Feb 27 2007 |