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Movie Madness!

welcome to bleach world




bleach  is a very wonderful japaness anime series, i sure that any one can like it

so i whant to meet people that watch that series to talk about it

maybe some people whant  to watch it i tell him u will intrested with it.

05:45 PM Nov 07 2008 |

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United States

I watched a couple episodes, maybe 5-16. I like the comic book series better. 

do you watch Full Metal Alchemist? thats a good series as well :)

03:07 AM Nov 08 2008 |

Kelvin Chan


i have watch the both Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist.I also think that Bleach is better to watch comic book

10:16 AM Nov 10 2008 |

overlord kai


Hi nice to meet you! I love japanese anime!Bleachnarutoone pieceare my best!I see they every friday! I make sure I knew every news about they!

In my opennion,watch comic bool in internet will settle for your curiositybucause comic book usually faster than watck TV!but if you watch have the other fell~that is good!

and I usually watch TV and comic book in online!

thank you!

04:18 AM Nov 11 2008 |




Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion

is cool.you should see it if you have time ^^

11:15 AM Sep 05 2009 |



Bleach is one of my most favorite anime ever. I regular watch it’s episodes. Actually i never like to miss any single episode from this show. As i love enjoy the great action, fight adventure stuffs of anime/manga in epic story of bleach episodes.

11:00 AM Jun 11 2011 |