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Movie Madness!

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If you want a movie to watch that's not to complicated, not too shallow and defineitely not boring. This is it. Watch how Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore's chemistry bring back that "thing" you felt or maybe you're feeling right now. And it's not just a girl-type-hopeless-romantic type of movie. Guys would surely laugh at it too. I for instance, literally had to drag my better half to watch it with me. At first he was cynical about it but later on, I found him laughing with me, and really laughing. And those who could relate to eighties flicks (songs, movies,fashion)would surely find themselves reminiscing. Let's say, the feeling you felt when you first saw the movie "Some Kind of Wonderful".
It's  clean, wholesome, funny and it will surely tickle your heart. A change from all those sex and violence related movies. It's a good date movie. Not to mention the soundtrack. You'll surely find yourself humming the tune and paraphrasing part of the lyrics when you finish the movie.

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09:36 AM Apr 14 2007 |

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02:01 PM Apr 22 2007 |