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'One Tree Hill' Review: It's Raining Naked Men


United States

Many things have changed for One Tree Hill season 7.  Lucas and Peyton are gone, Clay and Quinn have arrived, Brooke is suddenly the marrying type, Nathan may have committed adultery and Dan is alive.  But one important thing remains the same: the men of Tree Hill still take their clothes off at the drop of a hat.

That's right, the season 7 premiere featured more man candy than usual, with five of the main male stars going shirtless, and for two of them, they went au naturale (sadly, neither was Nathan, Julian or Clay).

You know you're watching One Tree Hill when it takes an entire hand to count the number of shirtless wonders.  Nathan filmed a body spray commercial and had one lucky lady caressing his toned body.  Judging by that scene, James Lafferty has been working out even harder than usual over the break.

As if that gal wasn't already the envy of every female fan, she also got to sleep with Clay, leading to the first of what will most certainly be many shirtless Robert Buckley sightings.  At this time, I'd like to thank the One Tree Hill casting department for their superb work.

Julian also got a little frisky, wanting to go skinny dipping with Brooke on the beach, which is now officially their spot.  Sadly the show cut to commercial before anything more than a shirt came off, but I'm still happy because Brulian is the new couple that makes my heart swell, which is good because it looks like there are rough waters ahead for Naley.

But the biggest display of nudity came when Mouth and Skills decided to walk around their place in the buff.  Mouth wanted his roommate to move out to make way for Millie, but Skills didn't have any of it.  This scene was definitely awkward, especially when the two professed their love for one another while totally naked.

But it did lead to two rather startling surprises.  The first is that, according to Millie, not all stereotypes are true, putting an end to the debate over the real reason Deb broke up with Skills.  Come on, after her extracurricular activity with Jamie's birthday clown and his inflated balloon, we all know that cougar needs a big man.

The second shock was that, despite all logic and reason, Lee Norris has a surprisingly nice body.  Who knew Mouth had more to offer than…well, who knew Mouth had anything to offer? 

Based on the preview photos which show Nathan and Clay at the beach in next week's episode, this man candy extravaganza is far from over.  [url=http://www.buybestdvds.com/goods-417-One-Tree-Hill-Seasons-1-5-DVD.html] One Tree Hill [/url] is back, and if the goal was to get the bitter taste of Lucas and Peyton's departure out of our mouths, the sight of all those washboard abs surely did the trick.

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08:48 AM Oct 07 2009 |

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wow that's a great tv show to watch. I love to watch one tree hill episodes and i think One Tree Hill is one of the best American teen drama series and everybody enjoys watching it.

08:38 AM Feb 14 2011 |