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Movie Madness!

What is ur favorite movies?




I love movies very much! So I want to know more movies u like very much!

So if u want me to show ur favorite movies… PLEASE TELL ME!!! XD

Im looking forward to ur reply!! ;)

04:45 AM Jan 20 2010 |

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You can watch spy kids… I means its not really one of my fav, but i remember watching this movie on hbo, i guess and i was like, how can these kids be so smart. you should watch this if you like a little frictional movies (sky-fi) types

07:42 AM Nov 01 2012 |




Sholay,Kranti,Upakar this list of so long B;coz i like many movie.

Movie can chang your life.You can learn many things from the movie.

Avatar,vampire suck,twilight, The X-man series, Ice age series,The lost world,Terminator series, James bond series,MIP,Avil dead  ....etc…

Enjoy watching movie.Have a happy movie.

08:01 AM Nov 01 2012 |