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Movie Madness!

What 's your favorite acter?




My favorite acter is Hugh Grant. He is very handsome. Do you like him?

What 's your favorite acter?

04:54 AM Jan 20 2010 |

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Russian Federation

My favourite actors are Johnny Depp and Gary Oldman and Heath Ledger…

06:40 AM Jan 20 2010 |




My favorite actors are Robert pattinson, orlando bloom and hyden christensen. From the movie twilight saga, pirates of the carribean and star wars.

02:40 AM Jan 27 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

my favorite actor is kevin spacey Cool 


09:30 PM Jan 28 2010 |



Johnny Depp!

12:37 PM Feb 02 2010 |



I used to admire Robert De Niro a lot, but I think he's been losing his touch since his acting in ANGEL HEART back in the 80's. As for best actress, I can't think of someone else other than Meryl Streep. She's the best ever!

05:51 AM Feb 03 2010 |




Of course, I love films with Hugh Grant (he is one of my fav actors and I agree with you- Hugh is good looking;))- btw I like British sense of humour. I also like Jared Leto (he’s member of 30 STM and his vocal is very impressive), James Franco (very nice and handsome man;)), Johnny Deep (of course), Colin Firth (he is perfect in “Bridget Jones”- like Hugh- and “Mamma mia!”), Tom Hanks (I really like him, he is soo good actor), Heath Ledger (“10 Things I hate about you”- I love it), Jude Law (“The talented mr. Ripley” is very good movie btw), Matthew McConaughey (he is soo funny)... and so on;)

With actress I appreciate Meryl Streep (very talented woman), Renee Zellweger (as Bridget she is just PERFECT;) but don’t forget about “Cold Mountain”- where Renee played with handsome Jude Law) and Helena Bonham Carter (for all, btw Helena & Tim are sooo cute couple;)).

06:49 PM Jun 03 2014 |