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Movie Madness!

Which do you like better, Avatar or 2012?

Gucci Yeung


I like 2012 better. Avatar impressed me by sights, while 2012 impressed me in heart. Still remember what President Thomas Wilson said: "Today, none of us are strangers. Today, we are one family, stepping into the darkness together. We are a nation of many religions, but I believe these words reflect the spirit of all our faiths: The lord is my shepard, I shall …" And, Adrian Helmsley: "The moment we stop fighting for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity." How about you guys?

02:07 PM Mar 05 2010 |

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the begining of 2012 is good,but the end,in my opinion,is bad.


01:45 PM Mar 06 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

2012 was better in my opinion,there are some impressive scenes in the moviee . ...

03:34 PM Mar 07 2010 |




Avatar Laughing

07:41 AM Mar 17 2010 |




Definitely Avatar!

02:42 PM Mar 17 2010 |

Starling Liu


In my opnion,Avatar is better.The story and the scenes are impressive .2012 is also a good story,but the story didn't  play well.At the beginning,it play well,but it ends hurriedly.

11:15 AM Mar 18 2010 |

jj kaulitz

jj kaulitz


Avatar FTW

02:49 PM Mar 20 2010 |



The both movies are perfect.It's hard to choose,but I prefer avatar because it is really the milestone in the development of film.


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08:15 AM Apr 01 2010 |

Gucci Yeung


Yea both are perfect, and I agree that the end of 2012 is not so good. Thanks for all your opinions.
There is something really impressed me in 2012. In the last day, no matter you are rich, poor, old, young, Asian, European, black, white, we would just stand together and fight for each other, for a brighter future. That’s what I’ve never seen but always expecting for. And 2012 have showd me that. I was moved deeply though I knew it was just a movie.

04:09 AM Apr 02 2010 |




avatatr is best movie i like avatar movie they are fight of land

06:33 AM Apr 02 2010 |



Yeah ! Avatar is my favorite too! Here is one I think the best expression from the movie: "The aliens went back to the dyning world."

Can anybody mention from the movie yet? One more: "It's hard to fill a cup which is already full." This was about the teaching of "sky people". 

By now!

10:25 AM Apr 16 2010 |