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Movie Madness!

Final distination 2



what do you guys think of Final distination 2. All I remembered after watched movie was some accident will be happened to me next moment.

10:38 AM May 29 2003 |

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United States

I saw the first one, it’s pretty cool and also scary.
it tells us that how fragile our life is, and somehow our destiny is set up already once we are born.

04:34 PM May 30 2003 |



I saw the first one It was cool, I agree with sallyzou I think that we write how our life it’s gonna be, I read it on a book named Ida y Vuelta al Mas Allá. the sequel hasn’t arrive to venezuela yet but as soon as I saw it I will write my opinion!!

12:00 PM Jun 03 2003 |



I saw 2 part…I think its a cool movie,but a little scare.(BUT MUST REMEMBER,THAT ITS JUST A FILM)...I wanna watch 3d part,my friend will give it to me….I AM REALLY WAITNIG FOR IT!!

08:13 AM Jun 16 2006 |



i saw the first and third parts  ,its cool n scary but i havent seen the 2nd part ..was it good too?



03:03 AM Jul 12 2006 |



The director of Final destination 2, Ellis, will be back in Final destination 4, about a teenager (Nick) that has a premonition about an accident in a race car.


02:47 PM May 08 2008 |



For me the best accident is the highway accident in FD2, and the most shocking death would be… Well I haven´t decided between the teenager crashed by the windows in FD2 and the girl with the gun nail in FD3.

06:30 PM May 21 2008 |



I have seen this movie and its blood curdling but too interesting…

07:06 AM Mar 17 2011 |



I find the series number quite confusing… I have seen all part of Final destination but sad part is that i don’t remember that what part is from which series. But I love these movie and the creative ways of how someone can die. Gonna watch this movie again on hbo and this time will try to remember

07:25 AM Nov 21 2012 |