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Movie Madness!

DO you Wanna "LORd of the Rings" have next sequel? not just trilogy??




I love LOTR…and I watch it more than twice!! I hope LOtR have next sequel…

But I'm not sure it can be. since that movie is a trilogy!!

03:56 AM Apr 15 2010 |

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I heard it would be sequel there. About Hobbit or so…? I would like to speak fluently in english but the only problem is these movies I like so much they will confuse me. You know my favourites are Avatar , LOTR, FF7 and these kind of fantasy movies. I mention confuse me I mean there the languages in Avatar and LOTR. There are many Navi , Elf speech and English (I'd like to improve it.) but for these mix couse more heavy duty for me. I'm afraid of mixing althogether. 

Back to the question Yeah I like it so much. They were great.

By now!

11:03 AM Apr 16 2010 |



Hups !!! The question! I would like it so much.Wink

11:07 AM Apr 16 2010 |



Lord of the ring is an absolute amazing movie and have recently seen its sequel Hobit too… i hope hbo india soon shows hobit also on tv

09:48 AM Dec 27 2012 |