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Movie Madness!



United Kingdom

A group of American teens comes Ireland to visit an Irish school friend who takes them on a camping trip in search of the local, fabled magic mushrooms. When the hallucinations start taking hold, the panicked friends are attacked by ghostly creatures; never able to determine if they are experiencing gruesome reality or startling delirium. When one teenager unknowingly eats the dangerous Death's Head mushroom, the group's nightmare takes a deeply sinister turn…


-UK Release Date: November 9th, 2007

01:55 AM Jun 28 2007 |

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United Kingdom

I'm a horror fan. This movie deserves our attention!See yah all on the release date of this film.."SHROOMS"  <!- container id ->

02:40 AM Jul 11 2007 |


Russian Federation

in fact it's not to scary.

08:20 AM Jul 07 2008 |



I haven´t seen it yet. There´s no date for Mexico to screen the movie. Sometimes foreign movies come direct to dvd.

The last european horror movies that I saw and I enjoyed a lot were "The descent" and "Severance" (maybe this one is more mixed between comedy and horror).

I will check "Shrooms" if you recommend it. 

03:52 PM Jul 09 2008 |



is it really worth watching?

saw some reviews…

and seems quite a bad movie 

02:39 PM Jul 14 2008 |