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Movie Madness!





hey!!! who likes that serial??? i love:)I'm waiting 4  season 4:)

07:33 AM Jul 10 2007 |

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I asking for "Lover for Ever". Why SAWYER? Sawyer will marry with cate. I love cate so I like Sawyer too. of course Cate is a good actor. But Sawyer is bad man. He is a good actor in the same time.  But My hero is Hurley for me.  

Prison break is finished for me.  it is not excited, anymore.  

07:17 PM Oct 29 2007 |

Lover for Ever

Saudi Arabia

SAWYER has agreat character… he is caring & have a good heart but he won't admit it…. I like Hurley too he is so funny…

 BUT why you don't like prison break??? wait untill u see the improvement in the 9th episode of the 3rd season… I bet it will be more exciting….

09:29 PM Dec 31 2007 |




I have a problem in my yahoo mail, so  replying now.

 why you don't like prison break??? I bet it will be more exciting

 I said "Prison break is finished for me" but I m sorry. you said "I bet it will be more exciting" this is right. Because I saw other season. adventure countinue. They Escaped from the prison. I though finished adventure. but it still exciting. 

I am waiting new season of lost.



08:15 PM Jan 06 2008 |




LOST 4 ever. I watch 2 season now. I like Jack, Kate, Sawyer & Charlie.

01:05 PM Feb 16 2008 |



Lost is so tangled but i watch it & enjoy every series

09:14 AM Feb 21 2008 |



i like Jack he's a good guy(:

09:16 AM Feb 21 2008 |



Hey guys, I love LOST, I have seen the third season and I am very unhappy about the death of a person I liked.

BUT SAWYER is still alive, he is my favourite character, and I hope that Kate is pregnant ;) that is possible, so I expect the answer in season 4.

Is Ben really bad? Is Juliette really on Jack's side? Does Jacob really exist? What's about the visions of Desmond? And who will die next?

I think in the last one of season 3, there's not the past, it is the future.

There were Jack and Kate and Jack in a city and Jack wanted to go back to the island.

Ok, that's enough, perhaps someone can answer to my questions.

Greetz :)

04:15 PM Feb 21 2008 |




I was really adicted to this tv serie last year, and I watched the second season in a few days.

My favourites characters are Jack ans Kate.

I think 4 season is still good, but probably a little bit slow, although I haven't seen the last 2 chapters.

I'm going to answer  some of Jessebelle's questions:

I'm sure Ben is bad!! so we hate him!Wink 

I wasn't sure about Julette at first, but now we've found out that she is in love with Jack, so…

Jacob?!! This is really strange, I don't know what to think about this.

 Now, I can ask some other questions:

Why do you think Jack doesn't want to see Aaron?

Whom do you think is the dead body no one went to his/her funeral?

09:22 PM Apr 14 2008 |




Lost is my favorite movie .


06:04 AM Apr 30 2008 |




ı started to watch four days ago and the first season  almost finished.

ı really liked this movie.ı am  wondering what will happen the other seasons.

ı liked locke..he is very different…

11:53 AM Apr 30 2008 |