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Movie Madness!

Do you like The TV series Misfits?



Czech Republic

Film review


 The Misfits is British science fiction dark-comedy series written by Howard Overman. Filming the first series began in 2009 and now series
includes two series. The series was filmed in suburb in south east London. Five main characters are played by new young actors. This series
is might be a British reaction to American series Heroes.

The Misfits is a British dark-comedy series about a group of young offenders who work in a community service programme. In the first episode
they get special powers by thunderstorm. The main plot begins when they kill their probation worker because he goes mad by storm and tries killing them.
The main characters find out their new powers during the first series. Kelly knows how to read the thoughts of others, Curtis can rewind time backwards,
Alisha makes people sexually frenzy when they touch her and Simon can become invisible. The last main character Nathan can´t discovers which power he has.  
The misfit is a brilliant series full of surprises. There is very good film music compiled from various latest songs and scenic music form The Beetroot

This series isn´t for children! The misfit is full of violence, sex, drugs and very vulgar vocabulary. If you have strong nerves I recommend it to you.
Important warning: If you watch first two episodes you will be hooked.

09:45 PM Jan 27 2011 |

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ohh..it isn`t for me.thanks for sharing

09:00 AM Jan 28 2011 |



I have heard about this series but hasn't watched it yet..

07:12 AM Feb 22 2011 |



Crap Man!! I like TV shows very much, but i do not know why i haven't watched this show? I think the fact is that i used to watch unwrapped episodes online. This is such a wonderful show. i watch this show on regular basis.   

11:10 AM Mar 03 2011 |



Yes this is one of my fave series to watch. I used to Watch Misfits Online as this series is off air now.

12:33 PM Mar 08 2011 |



Yeah its  a good show and i like this show. But i don’t watch this hsow regularly. watch Geordie shore online

05:52 AM Jul 06 2011 |




I watched it in the last twoo days… and i have to say “yes”.  I needed it after the American shows. Cool because it’s not about just the supernatural things… it’s about people’s personality and behaviour. It’s atmosphere is so different from American series. There are few mistakes in the show but it’s absolutely lovely! (And in which show isn’t mistakes…) MISFITS <3

09:17 PM Aug 09 2011 |


United States

I think I’ve heard about this show/movie though I haven not given notice to it.

01:51 AM Dec 29 2011 |


United States

the show is amazing . would you rather your kinds be smokeing & having sex then just watching it ? like what the fuck chill your pants .

12:02 AM Jan 12 2012 |



Haven’t watched it… but i personally like series like 90210, vampire diaries and also hbo originals “entourage” which is a nice series

08:21 AM Oct 24 2012 |