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Movie Madness!





My name is Kamil. I am from Poland.

Soon I mean 14 October 2011 my girlfriend will have her’s 23th birthday …and that is why I would like to do for her a little movie with greetings from various countries….

Hmm I mean I imagine that, as 23 people from various countries give her a birthday greetings in theirs native languages….

You know I don’t know if anyone will like that idea…but if I will do that I know that Monika ( its my girlfriend’s name ) will be very happy…maybe even proud :-) of mine…

And there is my request… could You send me an emails with short movies with greetings for her, I will be very appreciate…

It will be really nice if u will write in Yours email Yours name and the name of country and language in which You are speaking…

There is my email : or

If You have any questions please ask me

ps. I know that my english skills are bad ,  all the time I try to improve it …bot I am really sorry for mistakes…

ps2. If You would like I can send You a movie when it will be done.

Thank You very much,


12:08 AM Aug 10 2011 |

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That’s very great idea. I will be surprised if someone make that for me.^^

01:20 PM Aug 10 2011 |


United States

Is she well traveled? Is there a reason to believe she would like a gift like that? Personally I owuld stick with the basics depending on what you have given her on previous birthdays if you were together previous birthdays. I always stick with gifts such as dinner maybe, perfume, clothing, or I usually pay attention to things she may have pointed out that she liked, and get a solid clue from there. I am not sure how you put this gift together from a bunch of different countries.

03:42 AM Aug 11 2011 |



ough inezaltar I don;t know really what are You talking about…mayby thats why cuz my english is not good enough,....but doesn;t matter…

I think that You both don’t understood me exactly…

I thought that i wrote it clearly…I would like to do sth like that:

23 people form various countries will sent me 30seconds’movies…

everyone will talking sth like that :

“Hello Monika, I am NAME from COUNTRY…I would liket to wish You happy birthday…( and so on)”

Of course all what You will say depends of You…buty You will speak like 20- 30 sec.

Then when I will collect 23 such movies…i will link it in one bigger…all movie will have like 4 minutes…

On the end of movie I will record myself with greetings…

Thats all…

Thanks for replying, if You have any questions just ask me :-)

08:01 PM Aug 11 2011 |



I just found something like movie I wpould like to do…:


enjoy…and please help me with that:

my mail:

08:03 PM Aug 11 2011 |


United States

Wow, nice gift idea. :)

How did it go? I’m sure she liked it. I for one would. :)

01:46 AM Dec 29 2011 |



You can wish her happy birthday in hindi “Janamdin mubarak ho” and I can’t think of any movies by which you can wish her, but their are few scenes in the hindi movie “dostana” that you could use or even take some ideas from it

10:17 AM Nov 16 2012 |