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Movie Madness!

That Harry Potter Bullshit



Enough of this harry potter crapola already. The author of these satanic books should be burned at the stake. The stories are crap. All stories based in the UK are crap. Wizards are stupid. All the movies were stupid.

07:58 AM Aug 10 2007 |

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i love harry potter.although i dont read the books,i watched the movies.they are great. yes.harry potter is for kids and teenages.that's right.but i think it can be also for the grown-ups.there is a young heart like kid in some part of every adult's heart. every one wants to have that magic power if it is possible for us to have. that's so wonderful,isnt it.just imagine that. Smile

and every one have their likings for something,so we dont have to judge the harry potter movie or books are good or not. some people like it while others dont. right?Smile

04:48 AM Aug 26 2008 |




well, I recpect your opinion but I read all 7 books  and I liked them too much !! :D

11:58 PM Aug 30 2008 |




yes.. i read all books and watched all films.. i like it so much..but i m not fun of daniel radcliffe and the others..

 and sherryuknow i agree with u..every one wants to have magic power..by watching films and reading books we can imagine that =) thats so funny i think..and every people's inside there is a child :) am i wrong??Smile

07:27 AM Sep 03 2008 |




mygreentree: I respect your opinion but.. I don't understand why all this hatred for HP.. it's just a story!! did the movies or the books damage you?? did they make any bad to your life?? I don't think so.. and if you don't like the movies.. then don't watch it! probably nobody is forcing you to do it.. let it for people who like it! and don't waste your time telling bad things about it.. spend your time talking about something you like maybe.. it would be better! 


In my opinion the books are soooooo much better than the movies.. but I like the movies too..

Harry Potter was the first book I read in my life (when I was a child of course lol).. and after I read the first one.. I just couldn't stop reading! now I read about everything!!! so it made me to get into the habit of reading, and I'm sure it happened with other kids!

I just loooove Harry Potter stories :D


07:42 PM Sep 10 2008 |



it is jut suitable for kids

the plot is so funny and unreal,

it is just wasting time to watch it! 

06:17 AM Sep 11 2008 |




actually I prefer to read the books… even though the films i like too. 

01:58 AM Sep 12 2008 |




oh i love all 7 harrpotter storys if you only read the one page of the first book i'm sure you will finish the all 7 books!

02:54 PM Sep 13 2008 |




I love Harry Potter too. And also, my friends love it very much too.

05:09 AM Nov 12 2008 |


United States

Harry Potter is awesome,WIzards, mages, cool ~

12:14 AM Nov 13 2008 |