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Movie Madness!

your favorite movies and why?

when the hero meets soul


i like Pianist best.Because i think this movie teach me a lot of thinks,the biggest is it teach me even if the interests of the rich, we can not for it and lost the value of our own life.

08:41 AM Mar 25 2012 |

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Buttafly, the girls die at the end, throwing themselves from the cliff. Bad ending. What if they stayed alive, would it be still a true and deep friendship?

Avatar is my best movie. Can watch it and watch it non stop. Escape from the harsh reality. It’s like a fairytale with powerfull “blue creatures” and at the same time with high spirituality. Humans are in a big contrast to them. They depicted as greedy,  ignorant, bloodthirsty. Thanks God, the planets teeming with life are far away from us! 

The colores of the movie are amazing. Cameron is a great director and I think his passion to diving has influenced him and gave some ideas to implement the beauties and colors of the ocean in his masterpiece!

I’m telling the box office was working non stop. People came to watch this movie for the third time!!! Of different age, different status - all kind of people - so the good is good and everyone wants it!

To Snoopyboy, the question about good. See that spammer on this the best from the best sites. So anything opposite to that spammer is good. That means communication, sharing ideas, wat makes fun more fun when shared with each other, encouraging the passion to learning—this is good. The spammer wants to ruin it, not even understanding that first of all he shows how unhappy, lonely and miserable he/she is.

12:26 PM Mar 25 2012 |




Buttafly, the similar ending about freedom is in Break Point with Patrick Swayze. He chose the deadly surfing in the ocean to jail.

Shawshank Redemption’s Andy Dufresne was never losing hope though being in one of the notorious prisons and getting out as a winner after more than 20 years.


07:40 PM Mar 25 2012 |




lord of the war

08:16 PM Mar 25 2012 |

Man from this time

Syrian Arab Republic

well, the Syria people are doing a great move now, but it is unlike other movies, it is a real and it teaches the reality of the Assad regimen.

Here is a trailer for that great move


08:52 PM Mar 25 2012 |



“Let the right one in” (the swedish version)... The mix between drama and horror about the friendship between a boy and a girl (who hides a terrible secret) is superb… It gives me a nostalgic mood everytime I watch it….

04:16 PM Apr 09 2012 |



I love Black swan. It’s fantastic drama thriller!


12:21 PM Apr 10 2012 |



That’s complicated because all the time are coming out new great movies, Cristopher Nolan and zach Schneider are examples that great movies are coming..

But for me, the most important movies i already watched was Trilogy Matrix… It really changed the way that action movies are being produced in these days


02:57 PM Jun 01 2012 |



My personal favorite is Mr. Bean on Holiday. His journey to french riviera vacation is so full of a series of hilarious mishaps. I have watched this movie just today only on hbo, and totally like the acting of Rowan Atkinson

12:28 PM Oct 11 2012 |



Aside from Filipino movies I love bollywood movies too… “3 idiots” and “taare zameen par” made me cry. I guess you better see it for yourself… God bless!

03:19 PM Dec 14 2012 |




Actually, I don’t have- there is soo many good movies…

06:30 PM Jun 05 2014 |