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Movie Madness!

Grey's anatomy


Saudi Arabia

hey friends. Do u like watching Grey's anatomy series.It's a good one .i finished watching season 1 2 3 . I like both macdreamy and macsteamy.

Do u like the love story between Izzy and Deny?


09:44 PM Sep 18 2007 |

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i like it.the 3. season is brodcastet here.so i do not know how it ends ^^

it´s so sad that danny died.

i like christina most.she and birk – that´s the perfect match!!!

03:23 PM Sep 19 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

hey dead end i think you'll find the dead end in bork and christina's relationship Cry

09:54 PM Sep 30 2007 |

GaBy dE La LLaTa


I see too gray's anatomy it's the coolest serie in the TV when I saw tha tragical en between burk and cristina I cried for hours I can't belived that burk did that!!!!! I hope you felt it in the same way than me It was horrible. I'm expecting ansious the next season to see what happen

12:25 AM Oct 01 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi Gaby. Yeah you got a point it was so tragic that burk and christina broke up that way.I like Burk's personality so much .He is so cool in dealing with situations.I was shocked when he did what he did in the wedding day.But any way the series is so fantastic and i like that kind of series when things can't be expected happen.I like Izzy and macsteamy too.

09:00 PM Oct 01 2007 |




oh…i want to know whats going to happen but no oh i don´t know.

in the last episode marideth died so i think there are some more episodes till the thing between burk and christina happens. :(

07:50 PM Oct 04 2007 |



i have watched the season 4. in this season, Meridith's sister appear. except Gorge, all of them become resident physician.

03:00 AM Dec 18 2007 |