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Movie Madness!

I need to watch interesting movie



Saudi Arabia

I decided to improve my listening skills. So I think the best way to improve it is to watch many movies and listen carefully to actors and actress.

Tomorrow,I am going to buy a comedy or scary movie. It does not matter for me the type of movie but it should be interesting and exciting to me to make me keep watching till the end.

I want you to suggest to me any movie you think very interesting and exciting.

I'm sure you will help in finding what i want


08:34 PM Dec 06 2007 |

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I think the best english learning movie for me ever, has been the Japanese story. Sure it is kind of hard to hear what they are talking about but the whole story is great and I am totally love it..:)

09:41 PM Dec 06 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

like what? could u name any movie please…....

12:34 AM Dec 07 2007 |



I hope my suggestion is not too late. Maybe you can by it next time.

I wanna suggest the movie The pursuit of happiness,which is also my favorite.I don't wanna talk much of the movie now,for you may lose interest when you watch it.But I'm sure it will not disappoint you.And we can exchange opinions after your watching!!

10:08 AM Dec 09 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

I can suggest you following good movies:

 Meet joe Black, First Knight, GoBig, Theres some thing about marry, Entrapment, Gladiator, Final Destination (1-2), Scream, Urban Legand, White Noise, Ghost, While You were sleeping, Road Trip, Meet the parents…................

 I can suggest so many more if you like… if you like to chat add me on msn…


06:53 AM Jan 13 2008 |

zaw tun

zaw tun


Yes,It's true.The best way to improve english listenning skill is to watch english speaking movies.English speaking movies with english subtitle are the best.Despite you liked scary and comedy movies, I would like to suggest you please watch some drama and true story movies such as "The Pianist" "The Tunnel" The pursuit of happiness" so and so.May be I think after you watched these movies you will know how life is full of struggles and at the end of the movie you feel joy.


01:22 AM Jan 14 2008 |



South Korea

I don't know what you think about this story.

"The Matrix"

03:26 PM Jan 15 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks all for all suggestions you did…............ i think i would love to buy all movies you suggested to me. i am really fond of watching american movie. this thursday i will buy a group of movies u suggested and i will tell u my expression after watching them. Cool

04:05 PM Jan 15 2008 |



I  think you should start with watching animated movies like rango or megamind that keeps coming on hbo to start with… as animation movies target kids, the english used is particularly easy to understand and i guess it will help you learn faster

12:43 PM Nov 23 2012 |