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Movie Madness!

American TV Series. Which one you like?


United States

Which American TV Series you like or watch? Kind of a survey of my school project :D

07:06 AM Dec 07 2007 |

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i do not like watch forien TV series.  but i like american ramantic comedies


10:52 AM Dec 07 2007 |



I really love the "desperate housewives".and I just saw the latest one, that's really attractive!!!

01:55 PM Dec 07 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

I have just watched the lost. it is really a wonderful serious. I like it so much. In the past, I prefered movies to series but when i watched the first episode Iwas attracted to see the next. So,I decided to buy all of its parts.

Also, I heard that the series''Prison break'' was a wonderful one but I had not watched till now.

03:33 PM Dec 07 2007 |


United States

Yes, I cried for Neil for half an hour! Don't you think that this movie is a great inspiration? I do, I have written 2 songs and 3 poems after watching it and "Carpe Diem" became the main point of my life.

As for the games: I used to play GTA LCS but now I play Formula 1 '06. I like WarCraft, Frontline Attack, Half-Life and Tekken too. And this Turkish game called "Kabus 22" but I couldn't find the whole game in Seattle. I play the demo.

08:25 AM Dec 08 2007 |

jaqueline lee


Interesting topic~

In China, a lot of young people are crazy about some American TV Series, such as Prison Break, Lost, Hero… ...

But as for me, I am fond of Friends.It is also very popular in China today.

11:56 AM Dec 08 2007 |


United States

I like Final Fantasy too. And Crazy Taxi.

05:03 PM Dec 08 2007 |


United States

Really, today? Well it ended up in US like…a year ago or 2.

05:04 PM Dec 08 2007 |



I like PrisonBreak. It is really  exciting to watch it .But it's painful to wait.Recentlly I turn to Veronica Mars. I love this amazing girl!!

09:50 AM Dec 09 2007 |

fac 11


I love Veronica Mars…wonderfull!!!

But the best American TV Series is "the Fresh Prince of Bel Air"!!!!!!


09:10 PM Dec 09 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

Will hi there .I actually like to watch American series.
The stories and plots differ from one to one.In “24” you enjoy watching the actor Jack and the stress he face to serve his country .You can feel the same if you’re in his position.In “lost” although the story turned to be silly in the last season but also you still enjoy the stress and fear and the flash back where the actors remember their ugly and dirty past.you imagine your self as one of them finding yourself obliged to live with different kinds of people the good and the bad people.
In “prison break ” i like the relationship between the brothers and the stress the prisoner feel trying to escape.
“desperate housewives” the things you really face in daily life.The stress of work and life

08:29 PM Dec 11 2007 |