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Movie Madness!

the film "love letter"from jap.



that is a love story about the two who have the same name love each other,but don't have chance to get together ,and the man find a girlfriend who looks like that special one.but after the man dead ,his girlfriend miss him very much and found the lover he really care.i have to add that the woman was loved don't know the man love her at first.the story between them was lots of momeries.

this film is a tragedy but do not give other the sad feeling.i love it.

02:07 PM Dec 07 2007 |

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Chen Jingwen


I also really like this movie.And i think the actor is very handsome.What’s more the feeling is very nice.I like all the movies directed by the director “Shunji Iwai”.

11:59 AM May 10 2009 |



  1. hey baby I like love story esp this one we have same idea  because we are both  wise manFrownInnocent

05:28 AM May 20 2009 |