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Music Mix!

music _ My second life



     I  like  music  very  much !  Esbecilly  english  music and  rock  music.

      Life  is  cool. I  always  life   with myself .So ,I  like  turn  up  the  song lowdly  so  that  the  music  round  me .

      Music  make  me  happy .

04:25 AM Dec 26 2007 |

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that's great :) good music makes life so much better!

10:18 AM Jan 06 2008 |

Dan Joe


Ye.I have the same feelong with you.Surely,music is one of the favrite thing.I like it and listen it everyday.Would please recommend some for me?

11:43 AM Jan 07 2008 |




music is my passion & therapy of my soul!!it's part of my daily life  & without it my life would be froth & monotonous..cant help it..my friends will know if i'm in love or not, inspired, or even disappointed!!! music rocks…

12:17 AM Jan 12 2008 |