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How to avoid be ripped by customers from all over the world?




Dirty rubbish scamers are everywhere nowadays, do you know how to recognise these rubbish? I have be ripped many times by UK, Nigeria and US customer, why? Becasuse below 2 reasons:

1. some of them use scam payment ways. like Royal bank thrid party pending payment way. But UK Royal bank tell me they dont have this service at all. Lots of scammers try to scam use other bank name unlegal too, even westernunion and moneygram.

2. Some of buyers from UK or other contries, they can cancel the payment at any time, but china cant do like this, once you do the shipment and send tracking number to them, they will cancel the payment and dont reply you forever.

Above is my personal past experince for you refference. Pls take my suggestions if you are new seller on web.

08:22 PM Feb 13 2008 |