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Music Mix!

bryan adams



i really enjoy the bryan adamas music its very romantic maybe you know much about this singer i would like you send me some thingd interesting about him

05:38 PM Jan 27 2007 |

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Yeah Bryan Adams rocks. If you want some cool songs to download, go for Victim Of Love, Only The Strong Survive, Kids Wanna Rock, Fits Ya Good, Take Me Back, Cuts Like a Knife, Summer of 69, The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me is You, Run To You etc…

haha sorry for the long list, he's just so awesome you know :)

11:57 PM Feb 06 2007 |

Mori Ai


yup..he is best..his most popular songs is please forvive me and everything i do..fantastic

11:20 AM Feb 07 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

yeah indeed Bryan is so hot in  "gana run to u…" i like the hoarseness in his voice. to me i still like " every thing i do….." when i was at grade 8 i thought Bryan and Sting are the same singer . They look like each others and have the same horseness, what you think guys?

09:19 PM Feb 16 2007 |




as he say

really friends

 every thing i do i do it for you

09:12 PM Feb 20 2007 |




ahh . i love Bryan Adams. i have some songs of him. now i am addicted to his songs.'' Everything i do '' , '' When you really love a woman ''   , '' Please forgive me ''  are my favourites. They are so romantic.

10:40 PM Feb 21 2007 |




Yes! Bryan Addams songs are really beautiful and romantic… He really knows how to touch our heart! And I like his voice also…

Please forgive me, HEaven, Straight from the heart, Everything I do… oh… so many beautiful love songs….


05:54 PM May 04 2007 |



i love him!!! specialy the song: when you love some one!!

04:37 PM Sep 27 2007 |