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Music Mix!

Ok, ok...let's talk about Rod Stewart




CoolHi guys and girls of all the world!!!


I was watching some post and I 'm glad to find people who like my kind of music, for example: The Beatles, one of the most spoken in this forum.

Let's talk about a great Singer: Rod Stewart.

Do you like his songs?

What do you think about him?

Have a nice day!!!

06:50 AM Jan 28 2007 |

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I don't know much about him and his music, but I like some songs such as "Maggie May" and "Stay With Me"

11:34 PM Feb 06 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi. I listened to his song " some guys have all the luck" ,I like his hoarseness when he sings and i also like the style of his clothes. I saw him once wearing pink and yellow. He is so crazy.

09:10 PM Feb 16 2007 |