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Music Mix!

ANYONE likes Eminem here?



ANYONE likes Eminem here?

I like him and his songs.Thery are cool.

04:45 AM Oct 08 2008 |

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Kyle A

Kyle A

United States

I do! I think most of them are funny. _ I like his voice.

04:43 AM Oct 12 2008 |


United States

I prefer Marilyn Manson :)

01:25 AM Oct 27 2008 |



ohh….i like him too….he is the best and his voice is unique

hh….anyone want to chat him with me or u have some his new songs want to share to me(this is my msn   )

04:54 PM Oct 27 2008 |




Aw, I love Eminem. I haven't listened to anything more recent than "The Eminem Show" though.

Have you seen his movie, "8 Mile"? It was really good.

10:01 PM Oct 29 2008 |



hia i like eminem too.whole my childhood i adored him and im his absolutely fan/i m listening his songs now too.

02:57 PM Nov 03 2008 |




ya ! ! i do like him too. . . he is such a good singer and some of his songs are amazing! ! ! do U hear " when I'm gone " ? me i love it i hear this song every morning before goin' in class.

10:54 PM Nov 03 2008 |

Julia Manson


I LOVE Em! and Marilyn Mnason toooo! These two r my favorite.

10:23 AM Nov 07 2008 |


Russian Federation

To tell the truth i`m not a fan of rap-music but as far as eminem is cosnserned i wanna say his songs still remain sharp and angry (while the most of rappers becomes pop-singers). So i think he is a person that is to be respected!

04:43 PM Nov 08 2008 |



Russian Federation

Em rules )))))  he he he )) he's great )))) no doubts!

03:03 PM Apr 06 2009 |

ice cold

ice cold


yeah he has got a unique style in his songs , there s none like him

03:48 PM Apr 06 2009 |