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Music Mix!

Is rock music good for yong people?

Catherine Jessia


In my understanding,rock music is good for us teenagers,because every time I feel bad I can set the bad feelings out in the rock music,and then calm dawn.Rock music is not just lould sound,it can also tell us to be helpful,synpathetic and pay attention to the socety.

03:39 PM Oct 10 2008 |

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Sri Lanka

Really! )))

"And if they shout, don't let it change a thing that you're doing. Hold you head up!"



09:02 AM Jun 11 2010 |



hey, if you think rock is bad for young people, how about christian metal, or christian rock. The bands play aiming to bring people to the right way and go against the tide the world push over us. 

12:23 AM Nov 10 2011 |



club and r&b  are better than it ! :)

11:50 AM Nov 30 2011 |




Rock has energy Laughing

04:12 PM May 27 2012 |




But remember dear young people – don’t listen to music too loud – it’s not good for ears Tongue out

04:16 PM May 27 2012 |




Well I think that rock can drive young people to right and wrong way too. It depends on favourite band’s philosophy and the message of the songs. Some of them say to enjoy life, others try to show you the “darker side” of life.

Rock (or metal) music is good to calm yourself after a hard day. It can also give you energy to do things. After I wake up, I usually turn on my computer and start listening my fav songs to give restart my brain.

09:05 AM Oct 27 2012 |




What is bad in rock??? I like this kind of music)

08:02 PM Mar 30 2013 |


United States

Yes, Rock music is good entertainment for everyone especially young people, it influences good physical condition, improvement of exercise performance and the practical skill. While listening to rock it, the heart rate increases, and then the heart muscles start working heavily to burn fat and cholesterol, the blood flows smoothly. In addition, the deep-breath from inhaling and exhaling can help the lungs to utilize oxygen effectively. As a result, the body automatically releases beta-endorphin. In today’s music world, the downloaded MP3 is king. I have seen a great ways at http://www.musicforte.com/sheet_music/music_related_products/  to organize the tracks that help the music lover tidy up their collection.These have made young people to stay fit and look firm.

01:37 PM May 03 2013 |