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Music Mix!

Who is from Arashi's Fans??????

Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia

Hi every one…..

Tell me do you know Arashi,Japanese Boy Band????

Do you like them??

Do you like some or one of them????

03:24 PM Mar 17 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

Yaaay!!...........Arashi xD

i like them soooooooo much =)

specially "Jun Matsumoto".....he is so "Kawaii ne" x3

they are 1 of the best jpop bands xD

06:06 PM Mar 18 2007 |

Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia

Hi Amaru….....Welcome to Arashi's clup…

I also like Matsumoto Jun the most…....He is very famous in Japan….

any other people who love them???

06:17 PM Mar 18 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

me me me me me me me me me :D
I like them ALL hehehehehheheeh
They are cool….and Great :)

07:33 PM Mar 19 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

hey friends..they're cool,especially jun Matsumoto.

01:23 PM Mar 21 2007 |

Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia

Hi all….......

Thank you for your replies….....

Will you please tell us Yako-San what is the name of that Drama you talked about??

thanks again

10:34 AM Apr 20 2007 |



Saudi Arabia


Thx alot Yako Smile

Keep it comig hehehehehehheeeeh

Take care

09:21 PM Apr 20 2007 |



Even though i'm not a fan of arashi,i love them\|/

I have been to Japan to take part in Arashi'con,it's so wonderful!

My frends are their big fans!They have so many fans in China….hondo desu yo!

10:50 AM Jun 14 2008 |



Russian Federation

OOO! Hi all.

I'm big fan this boy band!) I have their all music discography. I like Matsumoto Jun and Ninomiya Kazunari. They have many fans in Russia too. 

06:27 AM Nov 05 2008 |