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Music Mix!

Green day takes down!




I love to listen to green day, they’re so smart and they have good songs, I love that song called Holiday, it’s so creative and it seens so much, and you? What do you think about’em?

tell me!


12:10 PM Jun 19 2005 |

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I used to love Green Day when i was 18,19, i think they have changed a lot,i love songs like Nice guys finish last, basket case, welcome to paradise, walking contradiction…The old ones.
Their last album “American Idiot” is nice, but not good.Nowadays, in my opinion, they are boring!Their songs are boring!!So, i have to listen to the old ones…

08:32 PM May 17 2006 |

Joe Slash

Joe Slash


American Idiot, great album by Green Day.

05:14 PM Jun 10 2006 |