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Music Mix!

who's your best singer? and the best song too?



i love craig david (unbelievable) and bryan adams ( have you ever really love a woman)....and many others!!!

11:59 PM Sep 24 2007 |

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I love Bon Jovi…with all my heart….there are  a lot of great songs….Poison's pretty cool…I wanna love you but I better not touch….I wanna hold you but my senses tell me to stop I wanna kiss you but I wanted too much,I wanna taste you but your lips are venemous poison…..  

01:45 PM Oct 22 2007 |



mine is Avril lavigne (when you're gone!) , Rihanna (unfaithful), Natalie Merchant, Shaina Twain.. they are really great!! and also i love Robbiee:) he is so sweety…

05:56 PM Oct 22 2007 |




Def Leppard <long long way to go>


11:08 AM Oct 23 2007 |



hi i like different kinds of songs and different singers, couse all song are so nice and sweety, but beautryfully girls by SEAN KINGSTON is a very good song.

12:49 PM Oct 23 2007 |



all singers and all song a best, to be listened.

12:51 PM Oct 23 2007 |


Viet Nam

I like Akon,too

he sings very good Laughing

04:30 PM Oct 25 2007 |



It has to be "Stairway to Heaven" ~ Led Zeppelin.

More into oldies these days, and Zimmerman surely rocks!

10:15 PM Oct 25 2007 |




 Bryan adams (every thing i do), Celine Dion (its all coming back to me, my heart will go on, New day, you and i), Backstreet boys (incomplete, inconsolable), Avirl Lavigne( Girlfriend, Skater boy, im with you, complicated), Eminem ( lose yourself, when im gone), JoJo ( too little too late, beautiful girls (reply), Rihanna ( umbrella), Destinys child( lose my breath, soldier), Criag david and Sting (rise and fall), Akon ( lonely,  i  try), Linking park (numb) , Syan word( no promises,all my life). Sealed

09:33 AM Oct 26 2007 |

mora mayden


wow i don’t know man I love alot & alot of singers but I’ll try to make the list very short
amr diab >> arabian egyptian & international singer I love all of his songs & he’s the best in my opinion .
shyan ward >> no promisses + that’s my goal.
rihanna >> unfaithfull + umbrella.
barry manilow >> can’t take my eyes off you.
fergie >>> alot.
celine dion >> u&I.
avril lavign >> girl friend + happy ending …...
whitney huston>> I’ll always love you…...
mariah carey >> my all …......
shakira rocks.
kevin little >> turn me on.
shagi >> ...all
byounce >> ....alot
britney spears >> every time
amy winhouse
lindsay lohan>> don’t tell me that it’s over
T.a.t.u >> it’s all about us
I don’t know her name but her song is so bretty >> like a star

04:23 AM Oct 29 2007 |




wow,so many,,I like all of them…..

Beach boys\westlife\SavageGarden\s club 7\S.E.S\ vitas\Francois Feldman....and so on

good music makes people comfortable and pleasent….

08:02 AM Oct 29 2007 |